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Progress Strategies+,LLC is a project management company that creates and manages projects for corporate, business and organizational clients to help them maximize efficient use of financial and human resources, higher profits and cost savings.  Progress Strategies+ also provides services in three specialized project areas to help clients meet expectations of customers and citizens who want them to become more effective in using their financial resources, values and policies to make sustainable impact for people, profit and planet. 


Project Management

       Corporate Social


Diversity & Inclusion

Progress Strategies+ Client Highlights

 Public Policy & Advocacy

Progress Strategies+ project management services creates, coordinates and completes client projects in service delivery, human resources, strategic planning, quality control and professional development.  The project management services also includes project areas to help corporate, business and organization clients meet goals of economic and social impact in the markets and communities in which they conduct business.  


The plus in Progress Strategies+ represents these sustainability project areas:


August 28, 2019

Grandville Public Schools

July 19, 2019

Corporate Diversity Pre-Session Prep

April 23, 2019

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative: 4th Annual Legislative Day in Lansing

April 17, 2019

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative: Public Policy & Advocacy Training Session

November 19, 2018

CSR and Diversity & Inclusion Client: West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Annual Mtg: Racial Equity Impact Assessment Demo

October 31, 2018

Diversity & Inclusion Client: Anti-bias training for Alternatives In Motion

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Maximizing corporate investments and employee volunteer time to make measurable impact for people, profit and planet.

Diversity & Inclusion

Meeting client goals to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce and create inclusive policies for marketplace advantage.

Public Policy & Advocacy

Providing strategies and training helping clients engage elected officials for effective policy change.

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