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Deadlines.  Time & Budget.  Cost Savings.  Positive Economic & Social Impact.  Problem Solving.


These planned and unplanned needs face companies and organizations every day. Progress Strategies+ was created to help clients turn needs into successful project outcomes---not problems.  We saw that diverse clients needed efficient project management services---whether technical or organizational.  


Progress Strategies+ was also founded to serve corporations and businesses who desire the creation and completion of projects in a socially responsible manner.  We combine project management standards with social responsibility values to help clients make positive impact on people, profit and planet for their workplace and the communities where they operate.  This is the + in Progress Strategies+


Eric Foster is the Progress Strategies+ Founder and Principal managing the firm's work and network of project co-leaders.   With project management experience from Capitol Hill and for a former mayor of Washington, D.C. to his work in the corporate diversity practice group at a law firm, Eric also brings project management skills to help clients achieve outcomes in a manner that is positive for employees, community and the environment----outcomes that 42% of people feel are important when they consider supporting or spending money with companies and organizations.  

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