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Law firms.  Manufacturing companies.  Higher education.  Banks. Progress Strategies+ counts these clients committed to high-quality project management, inclusion and equity, corporate citizenship and effective public policy solutions to the most challenging economic and social problems.  The following are among a few examples of clients served by Progress Strategies+


Read some comments from clients about how Progress Strategies+ has met their needs:


"It is the mission of Local First to promote inclusion and equity for all people throughout our organization, membership, vendors and partners.  We are equally committed to leading efforts to produce an equitable local economy.   Progress Strategies+ provided us with the expertise and tools to accomplish this.  We are continuing to be well-served by Progress Strategies+ equipping us in cultural competency, inclusion and equity standards and policies that are strengthening our workplace inclusion, efforts to advance economic equity, membership recruitment, community partnerships and strategies to connect with---and serve---culturally and ethnically diverse communities."

Elissa Hillary, Executive Director

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