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Progress Strategies+ Corporate Social Responsibility Values


Progress Strategies+, LLC is a socially responsible oriented project management company achieving high-quality outcomes for clients.  We are a "First-Profit" company as opposed to a for-profit.  This means that there is always a social mission and values guiding client work during and after achieving profit.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the engagement of business practices, strategies and client services allowing the firm to achieve profit in a responsible manner that creates positive impact for our clients, employees, investors and community (people).  Our practices also create positive impact on financial security, wealth and cost savings for all (profit) and the environment (planet).  CSR is not just a value, it is one of three Client Project Areas.

Following a commitment to conscious capitalism since the founding year, Progress Strategies+ adheres to four key CSR values that promote profit maximization for employees to receive a living wage, recruits and retains people from marginalized groups, advocates on issues of economic equity and social inclusion and engages in various forms of environmental stewardship such as waste and pollution production to protect the planet. 





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